Covered bridges have long been a symbol of New England and its rustic history. At one time more than 10,000 covered bridges stood throughout the United States but that number has since dropped to 750, 54 of which still stand in New Hampshire. The Squam River Bridge in Ashland is one such bridge that stands in the Lakes Region.Squam Lake

The origin of the Squam River Bridge is an interesting one. It started when the state of New Hampshire condemned the former steel and concrete bridge. Rather than building a two-lane steel structure as proposed by the state, Ashland”s citizens steered the project in a new direction. The town instead voted for a one-lane lattice-truss wooden bridge and raised the necessary funds to make the idea a reality. The Town of Ashland allocated $35,000 for the building of the new bridge. The remaining funds were raised Ces machine a sous gratuite en ligne sont rarement jouees et sont habituellement endroit dans un secteur moins-peuple du casino. by direct contributions and online casinos fundraising events through the Ashland Historical Society.

New Hampshire Covered BridgeThe Squam River Bridge was constructed in 1990 by Milton Graton and Sons. As a resident of Ashland and a self-taught expert on New England”s covered bridges, Milton Graton was the right man for the job. Using a team of oxen for the build, Graton and his crew replicated the traditional construction methods for covered bridges. The Squam River Bridge was officially dedicated on July 1, 1990.

We at Squam River Landing and Riveredge Marina have a strong connection and appreciation for the landmark that our community worked so hard to create. Being locally funded and sustainably built, the Squam River Bridge is a perfect example of how a small community can come together and work independently to make great things happen.

Squam Lake

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Source Material From:
Squam Lakes Association & Rachel Carley

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